What kind of company is Vertaalbureau GŁnther?

Vertaalbureau was established by Annette GŁnther around ten years ago. After studying German, French, English and Spanish at university she spent a number of years as a professional translator and interpreter for Mercedes-Benz and the Dutch railways. After a successful career in commerce Annette GŁnther decided to set up her own company: Vertaalbureau GŁnther.

Vertaalbureau GŁnther has grown into a flourishing, highly professional company with a very varied client base.

Vertaalbureau GŁnther's goal is very simple: To translate as well as possible at a reasonable price.

In order to achieve this goal Vertaalbureau GŁnther works on the basis of three principles:
- The professionalism principle;
- The mother-tongue principle;
- The small-scale principle.

The professionalism principle means that only professional translators are used, translators who have an excellent command of both the source and target language and who are at home in the technical field or subject area of the text. To this end Vertaalbureau GŁnther has access to several translators in various countries.

The mother-tongue principle means that texts are translated by native speakers. If this is not possible the translations are always checked by a native speaker.

The small-scale principle means that Vertaalbureau GŁnther keeps the human dimension in mind. Vertaalbureau GŁnther does not have a huge office with a hundred computers and five secretaries, and would like to keep it that way. The client will naturally notice this in the price and the way that he is dealt with: The client is never a number to us.

These three principles guarantee that the style and content of your text is always correctly translated at a reasonable price.